Earth is a terrestrial planet in the inner system. It is the third major planet from the sun, and has one natural satellite (Luna). Unlike most other objects in the Sol System, Earth contains large amount of surface liquid, this being water. Earth is also unique as was the first planet to have life, and was for a vast majority of its history. While its dominate species (Humanity) has spread throughout the Sol System, Earth still remains the lead in industry and population, and culturally is significant to most people.

Earth has seven continents, each with varying amounts of countries on them. Below are a list of several major countries in each continent.

Countries in North America Edit

  • Anchorage Republic
  • Cascadian Republic
  • Pacifica Union
  • California Republic
  • Phoenix Republic
  • United Mexican States
  • Independent State of Long Island
  • New England Federalist Republic
  • The Maritime Republic

Countries in South America Edit

  • Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Argentine Republic
  • Union of Central American States