Inter-System Central Command (ISCC) is a multinational organization that organizes, directs, and commands the militaries its member nations. In addition to taking on these responsibilities, it also has partial control of commercial and economic decisions, and has its own research and development facilities.

The ISCC was originally an alliance between the main Jovian moons (The "Inter-System" originally referred to the Jovian System, but references to this were later amended or changed), and expanded to include various other Jovian objects during its first fifteen years. With the inclusion of Tethys in 2172, the ISCC's influence grew outside of the Jovians. Various other moons of Saturn joined, notably Titan two months after Tethys. Triton was added in 2175, most of the other major ice giant moons were part of the ISCC by 2183. Mercury was also admitted in 2181.

Mars's attempts to join the ISCC were long and complicated, due to the Martian Civil War. While the ISCC did not take a side in the conflict, diplomatic relations with the North Mars Independent State were strong, and limited amounts of North Martian forces were running training in ISCC bases. With their defeat, the new Martian state intentionally declined offers to join, but became a member in 2196, under different conditions than other member states (Such as Martian forces having their own command system, standing Navy, and lessened financial obligations.)

The ISCC did find difficulty in expanding into Earth, Luna, the asteroid belt, Venus. Venusian influence was primarily taken by the PDA, Lunar with the Selenian Union, and Earth with the United Nations. Regardless, the ISCC saw limited success with Venus and Luna, and much larger successes with recruitment on Earth. Due to the large number of small stations and asteroid nations in the belt, very limited effort was put into getting more member states there.

Member NationsEdit

  • Mercury
    • Northern Caloris Alliance, Independent Tolstoj
  • Venus
    • Venera, Aeneas, Enkidu, New Ishtar, Tian
  • Earth
    • New England Federalist Republic, Independent State of Long Island, The Maritime Republic, Iceland, Scandinavian Union, Republic of Hamburg, Kalingrad, Estonia, Finland, Free City of St. Petersburg, Free City of Moscow, Kazakhstan, Siberian Union, Khabarovsk Republic
  • Luna
    • Mare Frigoris states, Mare Humorum states
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
    • All Jovian moons
  • Saturn
    • Titan, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Iapedus, various minor moons
  • Uranus
    • Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Obereon, various minor moons
  • Neptune
    • Triton, Proteus, Nereid, Despina, various minor moons