The New England Federalist Republic is a federation of six states located in New England. Each state (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) was formerly part of the United States before its collapse in 2172.

Pre-Federalist Republic Edit

After the collapse of the federal United States government, most of the country that wasn't already split up was grouped together into separate groups for easier management. The Northeast was consolidated into a single state, though this was met with heavy resistance. Despite being created to better manage the area, most of the government was heavily biased towards passing policies that helped New York, specifically NYC. The New England states, along with Pennsylvania, managed to force their independence after vetoing any policies that were brought up.

The New England Federalist Republic was officially founded on April 18th, 2179.

Wartime History of New England Edit

First Quebec War (August 12th 2181 - April 4th 2183): After securing their own independence, the Republic of Quebec set their eyes on the weakened American Northeast. A combined effort from New England and several former New York cities managed to halt the advance, and almost push Quebec forces back to the Saint Lawrence river. A stalemate was reached, however, and continued until the end of the war.

Second Quebec War (July 28th 2192 - January 19th 2193): With its separation from Canada, several former provinces attempted to form their own countries. Labrador, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes were quickly invaded, but New England forces intervened. In a much shorter period of time New England and Maritime forces managed to reach the Saint Lawrence, and held onto it through the start of winter, forcing a peace. Talks let Quebec keep her earlier conquests if the Maritime states were allowed independence.

Appalachian Wars (March 21st 2210 - August 2nd 2218): The Appalachian wars officially started with the Pennsylvania-Albany war (March 21st 2210 - June 14th 2210), and involved multiple different independent wars along the Appalachian mountain chain. New England involvement started in December of 2212 after threats made towards the Independent State of Long Island, a New English ally, were made public. New English armies pushed through established defenses and reached Philadelphia by the start of spring. A siege was started, which lasted until the end of the war. In November 2216 Pennsylvanian forces engaged New English ones in the Battle of Harrisburg, which resulted in a massive Pennsylvanian defeat. In response, New English forces split and were sent to capture other, now almost defenseless cities in the rest of the Pennsylvanian Commonwealth. The war ended after forces reached Columbus in July of 2218.