The Pacific Northwest is a region in North America, extending from the northern borders of California to southern border of the Anchorage Republic. The region, until recently, has been primarily divided up into several city-states, with numerous small settlements set up between them, and uncountable numbers of people living independently off the land.

Since the breakup of the United States, and the decline of Canada, the Pacific Northwest was in a very similar state to the Russian Fragment. The two regions stayed in similar positions for a large time, until the creation of the Pacifica Union in 2177. The Pacifica Union was an alliance of city-states, that ensured protection for stalkers of each city in others, fairer trade deals, and a military pact in the case a war started. While each member city would have its own government, and large amounts of power over the land claimed, a central elected council was created, led by a president.

Pacifica power was threatened in 2201, when the Cascadian Republic was formed. The Cascadian Republic was an ecologist republic based out of Seattle, and quickly came into conflict with the Pacifica Union. A series of smaller wars was fought between Cascadia and several Pacifica member states from 2202 to 2207, until a ceasefire was brokered by the ISCC. It lasted until 2211, when the Lloyd-Stackpole scandal broke (A series of messages between ISCC and Pacifica ambassadors were leaked and misused as propaganda directly by the Pacifica President, who claimed that the ISCC was granting full military backing, when no promise was suggested). The ceasefire broke with a Cascadian advance inland, taking large amounts of Pacifica land. The war lasted from May 2211 to October 2215, when Pacifica forces were pushed to the fringes of the Pacific Northwest.

While travel between Cascadian cities is more regulated and watched than it was in Pacifica, "Stalking" and other similar lifestyles remained. While Cascadia has military control over much of the region, pro-Pacifica stalkers are prevalent, and attacks on the Cascadian military are not rare.